Friday, March 30, 2007

Betting On Our Childrens Future With A Bad Hand

What do you think causes Climate Change AKA Global Warming? Whether you think it is partially caused by humans like most scientists, or if you just believe that it is a natural cycle of the sun, our climate is changing, and we need to prepare for the consequences now.

If temperatures continue to rise polar ice caps and glaciers around the world will continue to melt and sea levels will rise. This will drive people and even entire cities to higher ground and cause wide spread famine and disease throughout the world as farmland and crops disappear as well. Many species will become extinct as they cannot adapt quickly enough to the rapid changes, drought and forest fires will increase and storms will strengthen as our oceans warm along with the overall temperatures. These things will happen if this trend in temperature continues... so whether or not you believe in Global Warming don't you think you should still be concerned about our future generations?

Want more? Check out how our government lies right to our face... and again here! Demand change from our federal government! Certain states like California are leading the charge, but it is up to us as individuals to make enough noise...

For more about the changes happening on our planet right now check out these facts or this bit of news.



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  2. The cold countries get hot, and the hotter countries get even hotter