Friday, October 27, 2006

Greenland's Glaciers Will Raise The Stakes

This video was shot in the summer of 2005 in Kangerdlussuaq Fjord Greenland. It contains some amazing time lapse photography showing the glaciers retreating.


  1. Your blog is very interesting and much more people should be concerned about this problem. It's only now that people are thinking about protecting their planet, hopefully not too late. It's a pity that old Bush is to stupid to understand that, he prefers petrol that makes money at least and the rest he doesn't care, anyway he would be dead when the next generations will be cooked.

    A suggestion : put a counter on your blog, then you can see if people are reading your blog (I hate the word "traffic" sounds like drugs,lol) usually very few leave comments although they are reading it)

  2. Also you should promote your blog if you have not done so.

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  4. This is quite worrying and shows clearly the effects of global warming.
    Day after Tomorrow scenario anyone???

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments

    Gattina, Bush is one of our biggest problems, but if the American people make enough noise we can make things happen. Thanks for the suggestion on the counter, but I have been tracking my websites with Google Analytics, perhaps I will put one on here for looks though.

    Angelchen, I have used that link. Everyone else should check it out it is very useful for getting your blog out there and in front of people.

    Claudine/Mousie, I would be honored to have a link on your site. I appreciate anything that you can do to promote this cause. BTW I tried to comment on your site and I cannot, perhaps it is the whole blogger beta thing, but I will keep tring.

    Impman, hopefully we have a little more time to reverse these trends, but you never know, it could be too late already.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment!

  6. Like I said early I have seen the attempts in Central America but it takes much more to solve this problem.... if the problem is reversable. Your site is very informative, education and awareness is the key.

  7. Thank you for renting to me.

  8. A great blog and the more voices that spread this message the more it will be heard, with best wishes, The Artist

  9. Great blog! I appreciate your bringing awareness to this subject.

  10. Great to be your guest for this week.
    Am using my blog to explore ways I can be part of the change we need in this world.
    So pleased to be on this site where the issues of global warming are being presented in such an informative way.

  11. Great Blog. God points. Sad subject. Please check my latest post out to see it happening in front of our very eyes. At least Bali was a positive step forward.