Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Poor Get The Shaft... Again

A report released just the other day reports that the poor people of the world are the most ill equip to handle the effects of climate change. So let me get this straight, while the poor people of the world are the ones who emit the least greenhouse gases, they are the ones who will be potentially destroyed by the coming effects of climate change. So while the richest countries of the world sit on their hands and watch rising greenhouse levels things are only going to get worse for these poor people around the world that can really do nothing to stop climate change... A sad world we live in indeed.

For those of you who missed it Australia just signed the Kyoto protocol leaving The United States as the only country left that hasn't yet sign-up. And I quote...

"The challenges of climate change are big, and serious. The next step is to reach agreement in Bali on a negotiating roadmap for a new post-2012 framework. We look forward to continuing to work together constructively with Australia, as we have in APEC, the Asia Pacific Partnership, and the Major Economies process," said Kristen Hellmer with the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

WTF? Why are we concentrating on post 2012? We need to be concentrating on right now... this is just typical BS from this administration who has failed us at every environmental turn...

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