Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Can We Afford To Take The Chance?

It is strange to see so many people still trying to debunk climate change. I mean even if it isn't 100% cause by man shouldn't we still be concerned. Our planet is warming, and that is a fact that no one disputes. There have been more droughts and wildfires... storms have been increasing in intensity, the worlds sea levels will rise if Greenland, the polar ice caps and other glaciers around the world melt. These are the facts, and whether or not it is completely caused by humans should not be what we are focusing on here... we need to begin to develop solutions and fast, I guess I just don't know why this debate is being clouded so much, I mean it really sounds like something everyone should take seriously for our future generations... Watch the next video and you will begin to see some of the major problems that are arising in our ecosystem due to climate change.

For more you can check out this post on polar bears from back in April 2006 or you can see some of our already endagered species here.


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