Thursday, January 25, 2007

Climate Change Causes Greenland To Form New Islands

The evidence is right there in front of us that the world is changing at a dramatic place. This video is shot in Greenland and actually shows how a chunk of the mainland actually broke off and is now an island... simply amazing footage.

This next video shows us what is going to happen if this type of melting continues.

If you would like to see more footage off what is happening in Greenland you can check out this video of Greenland's glaciers.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Few Different Views

This video combines a few recent documentaries, who knows you may find it enlightening...

For more you can check out the top 10 climate change stories of 2006.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Climate Change The Dire Consequences to Florida

Professor, Stephen Mulkey, Ph.D. presents Climate Change data to the Alachua County Commission in Florida.... If I was in Florida I might be a bit concerned.

This video is about 45 minutes long

Sorry this video was pulled from Google Video, but you can still check out his work.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Top Ten Global Warming Stories Of 2006

Great piece from the weather channel showing the top stories of 2006 from rising gas prices to increasing envolvment of religous groups to the white house censoring climate information.

Just imagine if we would have had a hurricane or two come thru the gulf coast again what gas prices would have been like $5 a gallon? $6 a gallon? Remember even though we did not have any hurricane come our way in the USA we did have a record number of tornados!

Yet it just seems like piece after piece like this comes out and still nothing is really done here in the USA... sad really.

If you still need more proof check out the effect of climate change in these places... Patagonia, Greenland, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Amazon, even here in America!